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Hi there! Let me introduce myself. I´m Jorge Verdú, 28 years old motion graphic designer and creative video maker.

Few things you may know about me:

  • Speak and write in Spanish, Korean and English.
  • Designs and animations for several TV commercials (An hundred of small works like apps design, logos, product designs, etc.).
  • University degree in Media studies finished in 2008.
  • 1 Year Postgrade in cinematography HD.
  • I worked for many countries: Spain, Korea, Japan, Emirates, Russia , Iceland and  China (For China I only did a logo but it looks great in my resume, huh?).

I've been working also as a cinematographer but what I really like is to do motion graphics and animation. Nowadays I am working with "Wasabi Humor". Please contact whenever you need me or whenever you want to eat some sushi...

Take a look at my work!

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My Work New Project - New Challenge

My Services Let's work!

Motion Graphics

Animation, design, vfx... I learnt how to adapt to many different styles of motion graphics as every client is different.

Video Edit

Editing is one of my best skills. I edited lots of videos in spanish, korean and english, always with an excellent feedback.


If you want to do something but you don't know how, just ask me for creatives ideas that will help you in your project.


I can record HD videos that will exceed your expectations. Also a team who make it looks and sounds beautiful.

My Team Small & Well Crafted

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    You can also use me@jorgeverdu.com to contact. Contact avaliable in SPANISH - ENGLISH - KOREAN

    Thank you!

    Jorge Verdú · Motion graphic designer · Creative Video · 2015